We offer all Veterinary Services


Professional Consultations

It is important that your pet be checked out as soon as you get them. We routinely see pets who are 5 years of age and under once yearly for their routine examination. If your pet is 6 years of age and older, we like to see them twice yearly for examinations (every 6 months) because they are considered senior pets at this age. Pets age faster than we do, therefore they require frequent Doctor visits. We will however, see your pet for any reason, we understand that unexpected situations arise. Pets get sick too and need to go to the Doctor!

Dental Care

Pets need dental care too. Smaller breeds of dogs are genetically predisposed to have frequent tarter build-up. It is important that your pets teeth stay clean with routine dental cleanings, because teeth will become infected and cause an astronomical amount of pain, odor and discomfort to your pet as well as other problems and infections throughout the oral cavity and body (heart, lungs, etc). Tarter and plaque build-up on the teeth are in direct contact with the gums (gingiva) which easily bleeds, this bacteria can get into your pets bloodstream and cause a systemic infection.  It is not uncommon for a small breed dog to need a dental cleaning once yearly. 



We are proud to offer ultrasound services in our clinic. A ultrasound machine allows our Doctor to see organs inside your pet. This is a wonderful diagnostic tool. A ultrasound will allow our Doctor to diagnosis a multitude of things such as; tumors, pregnancy or anything abnormal with any organ inside the body. Not every veterinary clinic has a ultrasound so we are happy to say that we do! We use it, and it allows for a better exam on your pet!

Digital Radiography

We offer premier digital X-Ray's that are highly detailed to perfection. Our X-Ray system is superior compared to film sheets in the old days that we once had to process and develop (like a camera). If your pet needs an X-Ray for any condition recommended by the Doctor, our machine will produce top quality images which allows our Doctor to make the most accurate diagnosis. We also do OFA Certification (Hips and Elbows). Sometimes animals may require sedation in order to position them appropriately.



Skin and Ear problems are some of the most common things that we see, especially in the South. It is important to find the underlying problem to the cause of these dermatologic issues and for your pet to be treated appropriately. We will address skin issues, ear issues and allergies thoroughly with you and find the best solution to help your pet. We offer Allergy Testing and Allergy injections. 


We offer all types of surgical procedures. Dr. Pitzer is highly skilled and experienced in a large variety of surgeries. She commonly does routine spays, neuters and dental cleanings on a daily basis, but she also can perform more complex surgeries as well. We offer most soft tissue, eye and orthopedic surgeries at an affordable cost. If we feel that your pets needs additional care will will refer you to the best place for the particular issue.  


Emergency Services

If you have a emergency within our normal business hours please call ahead and we will advise you on what to do. If it is something that we can handle we will tell you to come in. However, if it is a more serious circumstance where your pet may need after hour (around the clock 24 hour) care we suggest you go a emergency clinic where your pet will be monitored hourly overnight.    For after hour emergencies we recommend:  Small Animals:  Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Hospital Phone: (225) 925-5566 Address: 1514 Cottondale Dr #2 Baton Rouge, LA 70815 OR South Sherwood Animal Hospital   Phone: (225) 293-6440  Address: 3803 S Sherwood Forest Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70816  Large Animals: LSU Large Animal Hospital  Phone: (225) 578-9500 Address: Skip Bertman Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Large Animal Services

Dr. Pitzer will see Horses for Routine Exams, Vaccinations, Coggins Tests, Blood Tests, Eye Problems, Dental Floats, Castrations, Laceration Repairs and Trauma. If you have an emergency or in need of 24 hour care out of normal daytime business hours for your horse (surgery/colic) we will refer you to LSU Large Animal Hospital. She will also see goats, sheep and pigs.

LSU Large Animal Hospital  Phone: (225) 578-9500 Address: Skip Bertman Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70803


Boarding/Professional Grooming

Your pet will be treated like family here and will be well taken care of. They will receive adequate bedding, food, water, a clean place to stay always, and ample amount of walking and play time.  You can bring your pets food with them or we can provide food during their stay, we provide a highly digestible food that is easy on the stomach that pets usually love. 

We are now offering grooming on Wednesday’s only. Call the clinic to book your pets appointment with Groomer Ash-lin! She’s great and has experience with multiple breeds!

Prices start at : All prices include the bath. Small dogs $45, Medium $55, Large $65, Cats $65

Prices start at the price listed, if it’s a longer more difficult hair cut the price will be more than a shave down but when she see's the animal and talks to the owner about the cut she will tell them how much it will be for sure before they leave the animal with her.

Nutritional Counseling

We will discuss specific dietary needs for your individual animal. Whether your animal is a small breed, large breed, puppy, geriatric, breeding, lactating or an exotic, we will discuss a proper diet for your pet. We always recommend a FDA Approved Diet formulated for the specific type of animal. Home cooked diets do not contain a balanced nutritional profile for your pet. Animals with allergies, diabetes, liver or urinary problems and/or any specific medical condition are in need of a specific diet for lifetime maintenance, likely a prescription diet that you can purchase at our clinic or we can order it for you. 

Brands of food our Doctor recommends for Dogs & Cats- Our go to brands: Royal Canin, Purina One or Purina Pro Plan, Science Diet, Iams & Hills.  



We believe all pets should be microchipped. This is a small chip placed under your pets skin in the neck region. This chip can se scanned by any veterinary or animal facility and will show a individual number that identifies your pet and who they belong to. We register your pet in to the universal system for you.  So if for any reason your pet gets lost, someone takes them or any unfortunate thing happens, your pet will have a number that traces back to YOU!


We carry all types of medication used to treat pets for a variety of conditions. We use top grade products and prescribe only the best for your pet. If we do not have something in stock that you need, we will be happy to order it for you. 

We carry monthly Heartworm, Flea & Tick prevention. We also offer the 6 month Heartworm Prevention Injection for Dogs (Proheart). We carry Proheart, Iverheart Max, Revolution Plus, Bravecto & Nexgard. 


Baseline Prices:

*Note prices may vary based upon individual animal and their needs*

  • Exam/Consultation visit $ 36.35

  • Canine Annual $ 120 (Includes Exam, Heartworm test, Intestinal parasite screen, 8-1, Bordetella and Rabies Vaccine).

  • Feline Annual $ 88 (Includes Exam, Intestinal parasite screen, FVRCPCh+FELV & Rabies Vaccine).

  • Microchip & Registration $ 40.95 We register it for you!

  • USDA Health Certificates for interstate shipment and/or flight (for Adults and Puppies/Kittens) $ 48.65 (Includes Exam, Intestinal parasite screen and USDA Health Certificate).

  • Dental Cleanings (Scaling & Polish) range from $ 108.94 to $ 138.94. Excluding Extractions & Medication to go home if needed. Bloodwork required if your pet is 6 years of age or older, $ 144.85 additional.

  • General Bloodwork CBC/Chemistry panel/Electrolytes $ 99.85 For ages 5 years old and under.

  • General Bloodwork CBC/Chemistry Panel/Electrolytes/Thyroid $ 145.85 For ages 6 years old and older.

  • Any animal undergoing a surgical procedure that has not been seen by our Doctor will need a Exam/Consultation.

  • Call for all other prices and we will be happy to answer your questions.